Online Program – Renaissance

A life-changing program for families πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

What is this program about ?

Renaissance is an online program created to propagate 🐬 The Parenting Revolution movement worldwide.

It is designed to support the transformation of your family lifestyle so that it becomes in tune with what it is meant to be: a bridge between the planet and the world, the natural and the cultural, God’s creation and Human Civilization’s creation.

Which kind of program is it?

It’s a motivational & transformation program based on my own family experience and lifestyle transformation.

It’s a self-managed 3 steps program composed of 9 modules. Each module includes an audio file of aprox. 30 min. The corresponding transcript is available too.

The program can be followed over 9 days or weeks, but it is designed to be implemented over 9 months, as it invites you enter in a real deep transformation of your family life & lifestyle.

It’s highly probable that a big move will occure for your family, as the result of this program and the awareness, clarity, determination and courage to do it it brings.

Why this program ?

Modern society is seek for being disconnected from the reality of our nature as human beings.

We are part of Nature, God’s Creation. And by this aspect, our bodies need to live in a living environment including all components of creation: elements, plants, animals and cosmos influence.

If adults can survive in an artificial environment, it’s not the case of children and elders. They slowly but surely weakened at all levels: physically, emotionally, mentaly and spiritualy. The phenomenon is more visible generation after generation.

Society needs a real Renaissance. This is the purpose of this program.

Embracing an Earth-based lifestyle brings:

  • Health to the body, by its inclusion in circadian rhythms, its nutrition by GIY (grow it yourself) organic seasonal food, its exercice by real activities like building, gardening (my garden is my gym), cleaning, cooking…
  • Freedom from financial dependency, as your survival depends now on the place you chose to make your little Garden of Eden.
  • Inner Peace, by living according to your own biological pace, building your life from a secure base for the Ego (the terrestrial self): the abundance of God’d Creation (the planet, the biosphere, your body & spirit).
  • Meaning, as your earth-based lifestyle brings you enough space to let go of what’s going on in the world, and harness stillness & certainty in being Your authentic Self, the one called by your Soul.
  • Education, as your environment provides learnings, liberating you from this pressure many parents experiment when they are %100 in charge of their children.
  • Integration, as you daily live this vital connection to Nature, this remembrance of our reality of creatures, and this acceptance of our responsability of Guardians & Gardeners of the Planet.

For who is the Renaissance program ?

The Renaissance program is designed for parents of modern society seeking support to definitely solve the tugging they face between professional life and familly life.

It’s designed for those who lived the pandemic lockdown as an opportunity to live another way together with their children, strengthening the relationships, care and love for each other.

It’s adapted to open-minded parents, ready to contemplate other ways to live intentionally, willing to do the corresponding changes, …in the name of their children.

Where could I attend Renaissance ?

It’s an online program accessible anywhere you get an Internet access with your preferred device: PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

When will be Renaissance available ?

It will be AVAILABLE after the 1st of January 2023

How much cost this Program ?

The Renaissance program is offered at an accessible price, whatever your income level.

It is suggested to choose your contribution according to the value this program brings to your family (can be invaluable so much it can change your life for the better), the level of your annual income (recommended)* and the degree of support you want to bring to 🐬 The Parenting Revolution.

* See explanations about indexed pricing on this video.

There is an established price range of $33 to $333 from which you can get out by adding a donation.

I want to know more about the Program RENAISSANCE

AVAILABLE 1st of January 2023