« From now on, humans have the power and the consciousness
which give them the duty to take care of their World and their Planet. » Chr. Ranque

Welcome on the website Soutenir la Planète (support the planet). This site is intended to help you leave the problems of the modern world (fear, stress and COVID-19 included) by changing your lifestyle in order to participate in the construction of the New World.

This world is made up of all the people, women and men, parents and children, who make “THEIR” life, the one that corresponds to their reason to be, while naturally expressing kindness towards the Planet which saw their birth and growth.

At the heart of this great reset a revolution has to be done in education. We made it within our mega family. I invite you to discover this parenting revolution now, understand it and make it yours, thanks to the resources offered through this website.

From now on you have the power to support the planet, to contribute realign our world with the universal flow of life. A path has been paved for you, that of Natural Education and Trustful Parenting.

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