🇦🇺 Healing the World by healing family lives: the answer is Love

Families are the natural primary social units of all societies. And it’s there, in this privileged relationships, that love can become the energy able to transform the world for the better.

When the love for the children is strong enough to let them BE who they are meant to be, the parents start to realize that their duty towards them is to CHANGE THE CONTEXT of their life.

We are living at a time a reverse move than rural exode (to feed the industry with workers) has to occure by will or by force. The more you will be aware of that, the more you will be able to see the opportunities behind lockdowns and pan-D-mic (meaning the Dimension in which we are living takes the mic everywhere 😉, to tell use let’s go to the next step, from the 3D governedby money to the 4D governedby consciousness): moving outside of megalopolis and big cities – following the slow city concept or the eco-place concept.

According to me, the right place to live as a family is close to nature, settled such a way children have an always available free daily connection to wild or anthropic areas full of changing and living components like a lake or a river, plants and animals. This is the natural context of our existence. And the children need to tame with it, to become part of it BEFORE discovering how human societies are (unperfectly) working.

When you take the decision, when you leave the modern world lifestyle in the name of your children, following your heart and your children’s needs of self discovery by a deep connection with the planet, you really do your business: following love call, giving up the culture you inherited, the education you received, to focus on what life is offering to you THROUGH your children: smiles, laughs, questions, calls (“dad, look what I found, what I can do…”).

The children are the indicators that will show you you find the right CONTEXT to let them grow healthily and harmoniously.

My experience is that the right context during childhood is a natural sanctuary in which they can make discoveries and touch their physical limits, and during teenage time a local community in which they can be involved and take responsibilities.

Finding this favorable context for your children makes you find a FAVORABLE CONTEXT TO HEAL YOURSELF TOO. Healing from your own childhood, deconditioning from cultural mistakes (the beliefs and behaviours that don’t serve life), and reconnecting to your soul and personnal (divine) purpose. Your life finds its meaning. It’s natural, not cultural.

At that stage you start the more powerful thing you can do to Heal the World: cutting the collective bond to a misaligned cultural system (of beliefs and behaviours) by rising your children with the help of Nature.

At the same time you give you the opportunity to BECOME YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF. It’s imprinted in you, like a genetic code in a plant seed. But your code is energetic, multidimensional (from the physical to the spiritual). It’s time to have time to love yourself. You will be then gifted an overflow of love to give to the world.

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