Heal the World together – 👋🏻Clubhouse Podcasts

#1 Understanding spiritually modern world diseases 

Diseases are messages that are telling us what is going wrong whatever at a personal level or a social level. Let’s discover what is the message of Autoimmunes, Cancers and last Pandemic, so that you can increase your awareness,  and take action to participate heal the Social Body, this global organism we are forming altogether.  

#2 Earthing the New World

The modern lifestyle is too deconnected from the planet. The world deserves to rebirth. It will manifest through big moves towards nature. It will be the root and start of the New humanity.

#3 Building the healthy Social Body

The global world can be compared to a giant organism, a Social Body, in which we are all individual cells. Let’s discover where we are involved individually in the Social Body, which is our role, how we interact with the other “cells”, and how to contribute healing it as a whole.

#4 The Pandemic message

The pandemic message to humanity is that the world is not breathing properly. What does it mean? How to heal the world? This is what I tell you in this podcast.

#5 The Parenting Revolution


Integrating more Nature in our families culture.
Children are a gift of life to us, parents.
We can learn from them, so that we can create a favorable CONTEXT for them to be who they are meant to be.
This is our power as families, learning to create a family Culture in harmony with Nature around and as our children.